Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time for a new ERA

THIS MESage is from Sarge Facepuncher MD, back out "of the grave" so to speak. First i want to say of all the things what's happened when i was in Jail. You may know me from Juno Email, MYKNIFE, or Molewars Reload where I have recentely placed 1st place in all events and crowned king victor.

With spare introductions, Mostly you already know who Sarge "gotta be", and the answer. I have been locked in a Jail prison beneath the bunker where the President lives. He locked me up for releaseing a Book, "XXX: UNDERRATED: RECODED" last year, which would have sold like 1000 copies very quickly. I will get into details about that some time later.

Some recent events came into power that made me shit my hat and ever since i figured out to HACK into the .Govs (you dont know what that is) i have been able to do it. Anyway here are some of the notions that have been floating around that I want to say my OPINON.

1. Presiadant BUSH Goes BONKER? What happen, i thought he was a millioniare nad now I hear he has stolen a Creepy Janitor figurine from a rich man (the janitor was a girl). Sheeesh NO THANKS ha

2. The new movie came out, SPIDER MAN 3, apparantly it's a sequel to movies like Batman and Spiderman. Is it just ME or is it SO MUCH to ask for a super man that doesn't have a pair of eye glasses on his head the whole movie?!?!?! my impressaion: "Help help I can't see! Whats that Mr. Mayor? Musclemen & the Wrestler Team have escaped and want Justice?!?! Oh well let me find my glasses - oops someone fleushed them down tolit i guess it's all going to hell, HEY BY THE Way wheres my GLASSES" nice movie, too bad your date won't kiss a damn golden hobo after THAT soggy sub.

3. Nancey Kerrigan (ice) found GUNNED?

4. A new filme called Rambo came out about a group of mercaneareies (Quote from the Bald mercenary " I kill your ass for 5$ biethc, hahaha that was the best part of the movie"). UNFORATUNALEY, there was a child in the movie which basically drives the point home, "dont kill children its BAD" ok ok sorry GHANDI go back to your cold grave now

5 . i think macantosh came out with a device called the "ipod" which can be carried in a suitcase for maximum vigil. I have not tested the device, my suiatcase is broken and Im trapped in a dark green dungeon.

6. I can't think of any other things besides those 5 but I will continue this Log as soon as the next time occurs!!

Next post will be about Dates! How to get your Date to say HeLLO in that way that says "I Love you" on the FIRST DATE!!! I got a bag or two up my sleeve so keep watch.

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