Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Game Reviewed: Pokeman Mystery Tunnel: Magic the Magic Dragan

Hi again chaps, It has been some time since my last post, things have become more murkey in this dungeon over the last months. It seems someone in the medieval dungeon control room has released some hounds at me so, if you get my drift, I "ate the hounds".

Anyway that story is a different story. This story is a review about a new game called Pokeman: Mystery Tunnel: Magic the Magic Dragans. Quite a long name, but you will find out why each part is so important.

1. Pokeman - This character has been loved by many kids, except when i looked it up all what came up was a buncha crap. So I never knew why it was so good until i played Pokeman Mystery Tunnel. Apparently this Pokeman is not just 1 man but several thousand "hunchos", all spread throughout the land, and your job is to as they say in commercials: "Don't get Caught!!". Regardless, my favorite Pokeman is Chilerancher, a 4-pegged desk/drawer combo for business. and by BUSINESS i mean BUSTIN CHOPS, BIG TIME. (You are like NOW I SEE WHY YOU LIKE THAT POKEAMEN SARGE!!!!)

2. Mystery Tunnel - this is just what the level looks like, a bunch of crap you might say but it's actually Random Tunnel tech which has been invented by japenese sailers during several of the world wars. When a random "Seed" would be planted in the planet, spirits come into the computer and guess a random "number" which elevates the hemobobber, (at this point you are like ENGLASH SARGE, I DIDNT GET MY 100 GRADE ON ALL MY TESTS IN SCHOOL). Ok in layman terms, it makes a great Game!

3. Magic the Magic Dragon - This is probably a mistranslation because the japanese title is "star wars 2: the making of start wars" which is translated here into Nogachi Alphabet as:

"Bruce hatguy from Indiana Jones"

Anyway, the Magic is definitely the true part, because you will be using a LOT of it if you play POkemona; Mystery Tunel: puff the Magic dragon, any more than I just did!!! I used a spell called "Carplax" which doubles your money. AT this point I can buy John Maddens intire SPELLBOOK!!!

Final Thoughts: IF you get an extra thirty for your dream christmas this year, consider spending it on a video game called "Pokeman - Magic Tunnel: Dragons". It is worth the money and you can go online and play with a friend!!! This is where the Action really heats up as you can transfer a file such as a mystery dungeon or a photograph of your friend. Hint: Don't pick up that powerup on level 61, it is a big mistake!!!!


GRAPHICS: "C-" I see bettar "GRAPHIC" coming out of my balls when i take a dump! (sorry ladieys it could not been have been said better)

GAMEPLAY: "A++" IT IS pretty fun,

MUSIC: "B+++" I LOVE the one song but the other song sound like a barn door got stuck and Tabetha can't escape!


OVERALL? "A" good game save up kids its gonna break you!!

The next post will be about BIRDS, BIRDS BIRDS!!!!

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