Thursday, October 30, 2008

POLITICS: YOU KNEW i had to have was going to do it!!!

Well it looks like it's that time of year - Birds are roaming, the sky is turning all kinds of things, and most importantly IT'S NOVERMBER 4, the Election Day! Time to elect your man (or woman as is the case for SOME people).

I don't know who you might be rooting for this season, but I know I have my "pick o' the pack" selected out for myself! I have run through a long list of all the politicans who are candiates for president (hint: Why didnt they choose me) and i have come up with my two favorite ever candidates:


These are the best two candiadats for presidant and I will tell you why. They both have the intelatctual experiance to be presidant. They both have a plan to fix the war. They both said they will pay my doctorbills. They both are chaismaatic and have a something to say. And call me a quiver but i think they both have a sex appael.

So we can only have 1 of those guys be the presadant so heres how i see it paning out in two good ways:

If Barack Obame wins here's the scene:

BARACK OBAME: Hey Barack Ackmadinajad (Princeof Persia), we both got screwball names, i guess your dad smoked a lot of bloody turbans in his day eh?

Barack A: Yes

BARACK OBAME: Lets just put this behind us and stop making all the bombs huh?

Barack A: OK

See? that worked real good cuz now the bombs got stopped gettin made. Lets see how the other man JOHN MCANE would do it!!!

JOHN MCANE: Look Crap Edwards, I dont need to take any of your GULL! Pull up your pants and act like a man or FEEL THE SEETHING CRUSH OF MY HELL!!! *points a fist at him*

BArack A: I need a Ministry of Pants Changing now that you said THAT! BEcuase I pooped in my pants from all the FEARS you struck in my heart! HAve 5,00 million doalrs!!!

Wow that had a good effect and we even made some DENIRO out of the process! Nice work!

We are lucky to have these 2 smartest men doing our jobs for us! Thanks Barak Obame and J. Mcaine!!!!

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