Saturday, December 13, 2008


Guess what! Sarge has been asked by the Presidential Dungeon-Mate "Codename: Lewis" (he works at Microsoft) to make a game for the XBox 350 Gaming Console! For the first time ever you will now be able to see THE MAGIC HAPPEN right before your eyes. The following is what's called a GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT, and it's what makes the MAGIC HAPPEN.

Pictured: Gun

I will start with the most important thing and go down the list


we have 16 rocketguns and 256 kinds of flame throwers


The graphics will be the best graphics ever, they will make CALL OF DUTY look like CALL OF SHIT. Sorry but it's true. Here take a gander at some of my Features:

1. 3D Phog Shader 10000000.2 - Best fog shader/alerter. Best.

2. 3D Crystal Shiner 10000.5! - Ok you know how whenever you see a crystal in a game its like "haha ya right that looks like a dinosaurs butt on COKE", well no more.

3. Outsource Engine Pixel Relaxer - Need I say MORE? It's freakin' 3D as hell!!!


IGN will be giving this game a 10.0 becuase of the story and how good it is. It will be about the fairy angel "Maudalaine" and she falls in love with a priest but he can't have her over for tea because the archbishop is coming over!! (LOL Honey withhold the sex please with my sandwitch!) Besides there will be an action scene involving a PRIVATE SHOOTOUT


Whats the one thing you look for in a game when you are looking in a game for some music in it?
if you're like Me, it's a big beat of drums and some EPIC chants. Our game's Got 'Em (This will be a recurring slogan in the ad campaign. It will be like Infinite Levels? OUR GAMES GOT 'EM. Rad Cheats? OUR GAMES GOT EM. rude titties? u can probably GUESS WHTA IM GOING SAY NEXT!!!)

hmmm what else am I forgetting? Oh yeah!


Don't worry this will be good too. Definitely at least 90-95 high council scenes

Well that's a game! When it is release I will let you know but it is for a new system called the Y-BOX 2000 and it costs like 500 dollars and the game costs 100 dollars and theres a controller that costs 100 dollars too.

Edit: Some one told me i should also add in some gameplay... i dont have any clue what to say about it - you press the button and the bad guy dies,, there you happy?

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