Wednesday, December 10, 2008

World of Warcraft WRATH OF LICH KING review

OK you want your "Golden Boy" Sarge to do all your work for you? Here's a review:

"WORLD OF WARCRAFT: THE LAND OF THE LICHA KING" has been released this past season, and boy was it worth the wait!

If you donot have this game, maybe you should go get it, because why not? Here's my

SARGE'S 15 REASONS WHY World of WarCraft is the BEST GAME EVER Probably:

15. It has 100s of players each with a unique ID and beast register. This means 100s of KILLS if you are as good as me!

14. Slaughter prisons. Since 1998 i dont think theres ever been a game that had a slaughterprison, and for good reason - they're Great! Go Blizzard you did it right for once ya dumb jackass!

13. The 4 Races. "Night elf" are Sexy. Orc are "Fully Strong". Human are "Powercloud?? I dont think so." (kind of an attitude thing with the human, also they have blond hair). And theres another race but that race will be #12 becuase its so great

12. The UNDEAD - this race is full of zombies, goblins, ghouls and fire monsters. If you defeat an UNDEAD player you immediately get some experience. How's THAT for a lineup???

11. A movie - When you start the game it shows you a LONG movie explaining how the LICHA KING has a power so vast, only you can stop him (And 100s of your buddy clans!!)

10. Buddy Clans - This is great. It's like AOL instant messanger except in 3D! You can add your friends, type to your friends and even have some kickin' funny talk about lifting up your shirt! Don't let your Beast see what's in These Jeans! (just kidding)

10. Strategy - As most of you know this game OPENS UP AT LEVEL 60 which means that it has a powerful set of rules that is like a STRATEGIC HURRICAN the likes of which Saddam never wished on his worst nightmare. For example, with my level 61 WARLOCK character named "Player Name", I am able to press several buttons and it's like I am having fun.

9. So easy a child could do it - I dont recomend you treat your child to this game though becuase otherwise he will not enjoy sexual encounters

8. Did somebody say, "Viking Helmets?" Yup, they finally went in the game, you can get a viking helmet and put it on your head, torso, pauldron, leg, kneehigh and several others. My current character only has several Helmets equipped righit now becuase he complains of chest pains if I put any more on.

7. Great Graphic! Look at that - BEAUTIFUL! It's like when you're on the beach and a piece of sand rolls in from the coast, and you look over at your sweet-toothed honey, and say "I love you". And she also says that.

6. So many wolves to kill, and I hate wolves. Whenever I kill a wolf in real life I go "I wisih this was WWoarld of Warcraft so I could kill you again in 1.7 miutes you *EXPLETIVE DELETE*

5. Did somebody say, "Fire breathing bird?" Yes! Fire breathing bird is unlockable once you recieve 86 billion points (What is this the NATIONAL DEFICENT? I dont have that kind of money what do you think I'm made out of TREES?)

4. The only bad thing is that it costs 15 dollars per month to play =P Plus it gets boring fast

3. Did somebody say "Lookout Towards?" Yes lookout towards are now in the game, you need to get the right quest though, and it's hard to get because you need to be really good at the game or you need to just talk to the guard in the first city

2. "Friends are what Make it Count." It's an old adage to be sure (ps you may have noticed I sound smarter than ever. good) but it doesnt get not true just becuase its in Pixels instead of Piecrumbs. You like your friends and your friends like you.


I haven't played the game yet but I hear there are 80 more levels!!! "DAMN SISTER". Here are just a few

Forgotten Prisons Isle
Isle Prison of Lost Prosin
Book of Souls
Bank of Souls
Bark of Sand
Sandy Place (aka The Place)
Which WAy Do I go ville! (This-a way! No, That-a way!!!!!)
and Satan Club, this is the last level I WILL TAKE ITS SECRETS TO THE GRAVE WITH ME!!!!

Anyway if you have like 70 or 80 dolalrs you should spend it right away theres no sense holding onto it. Maybe get this game or something else but the point is.... 80 moooore levelss (tease!)

Anyway I hope you have fun with the game and I learned a lot from doing this review.

Anyway Leave a comment if you disagree.

Also I was on the radio last week

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