Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poltics 2009. Sarge talks it big.

So there are 2 issues on the table these days, now with Jon McCane dead and barack obama desecrating his disgraced cadaver. As you probably have heard by now, they are "Gaysex Marriage" and "torchering". Both have their pluses and minuses but there's one thing is for sure: WE CAN'T SEEM TO DECIDE WHICH IS BETTER!!!

Let's go in depth, while your mentor SARGE breaks it down to you!

Gaysex Marraige: This unholy act... i shudder to think. GROSS-HOWEVER...

Torchering: Let me tell you I was in the war (EVERY war), and torchering ISNT RIGHT. I caught one guy in a foxhole torchering his little brother and let me tell you, right now there is a satan worshipper using his TEETH for an SPELL of MASS DECAPITIATON.

But regardless, this summer we will have to vote on PROPOSITIOAN 2000: Gaysex Mariage or Torcher bill. Which will you vote for???

I am voting for gaysex marriage, and here's why (WARNING: ARTHITMTATIC INVOLVED)

gaysexmarriage = (HAPPY GAY GUY (2 points)) + (HAPPY GAY GUY(3 points) + NORMAL MARRIAGES all turn gay and gross (-4 points)

Torcher = (hang someones head upside down so they see thier own stomach hair!!! hahahaha!) -5 points

So if you do the math, you will see the choice is CLEAR. "Learn it and Make it Happen". remember that!


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