Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starcraf 2 SPECIAL about the NEW RACES!

Metal Lords - These are ancient IRON GHOSTS from the PAST... you hear this creaking sound and then you look at your hands and your cudgel has MELTED from fear!

The Skeleton Demons - They got the most power

Balloon People - These people may look fat at first glance but they actually are made of rubber - hHOW DO YOU KILL WHATS ALREADY DEAD?!?!!

The Crushing Gods - these gods specialize in one thing: slamming your pulp into a chunky gel and then wafting you off the edge of the universe!!!!

there are also three "bonus races" which can only be unlocked by sending a 30 dollar PAYPAL to blizzard.com:

The numberneers - They can crunch math alright, but this time "it's a boy" if you get my draft.

The Cooks - you name it, they cook it INCLUDING THE OPPOSITION? Thats yet to be seen.

Gunmen - these suck

Thanks for paying attention to my Preview! keep hoping!!!!

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