Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pumping Iron

This day is a day for all to rejoice and hold hands! For Sarge has received a package via CURSEMAIL and what is it exactly but a "1000 MUSCLES: WEIGHTS 4 MORE TITS KIT" This means 2 more tits on your CHEST in the form of POWERFUL CHESTMUSCLES and 2 more in the form of a beautiful boxom bloande on your arm. This totals four of course, and SARGE is the one who comes out with the cash!!!!

Anyway, when these arms of glory are finally laid to rest (after achieving several thousand bulletholes and medeals shaped like a golden bullet), they will have slain vast armies of dead and undead alike. You may say, "Sarge but hold on STOP! I am on your side", but this will only serve one purpose. To make your new gravestone look like a STUPID BOWL OF SHIT!!!

You don't want that, and I don't want that. So if you see my arms coming around the corner in a reflective bulb of some sort, pretend you are a chunk of dirt or a veggie sprout or something which doesnt puke up blood when i PUNCH THE PISS out of its SKULL.

Also, you might be wondering what I did with your last will and testament. Well let's just say I did some changes around here!!!


"Give my wife my stuff"


"Sarge gets it all (Fortune and FAME) (EVEN THE KITECHN SINK MUST GO!!!)! No excepations! 50% OFF ALL family members heads who COMPLAIN, their head gets chopped half in half, and one half goes to the ocean and one half goes to the desert, GOOD LUCK GETTIN' EM BACK TOGETHER HAHAHA!!!!"

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