Sunday, October 23, 2011

HEY you RUSTY NUTS&BOLTS of the INTERNET?  Sarge here.  My cousin Pear has a special treat for you today:  his Sketch Comedy routine he's been doing down in his basement for the locals.  Without further delays...  (he is using a typeriter so forgive the poor translations)

bathroom betty:  a suicide mission I'll never forget episode 1:  the HURTIN'.  i pulled up my pants and shot myself in the foot by accident.  Owie zowie, that smarts.  luckily, foot armor came through for me again.   [at this point a soldier or someone dressed up like a soldier should come on the staege and talk about gun safety, then when he is not looking we pull down his pants].

Chapter 2:  butter tastes good.  Paw was makin apple pies again i could SMELL it there.  i asked paw u usin' the butter?  He didnt relpy because he had fell to sleep.  paw is very old.

Chapter 3: wakin up paw.  hey paw, paw can you hear me?  paw?  paw its time to wake up.  paw.  paw.  hey paw.   paw.  just then paw woke up but he needed to be rushed to the hospital because by the time he woke up he already died.

Chapter 4:  Joke Corner.  what did the bird do?  [read chapter 5 for the answer]

Chapter 5:  bird paid his damn taxes like the rest of us.

CHapter 6:  back to the USSR.  some spies got into my waffle tarts, i said into the loud speaker.  some children began to giggle, i knew that they were behind...


Okay thats enough PEAR for one day.  Thanks !

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