Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coconut on the president's head today!!!

I was watyching and there was a national Barack Obama press conference in Hawaii Island.  He was standing betwixt some trees, and speaking about the coconut economy when all of the sudden, this is what happened!

The president leaned into the big puffy microphone and said:  "and the economy is bad so...."

Just then a Pumpkin fell on his head!  He looked up and it wasn't a pumpkin, it was a damn coconut!  "that's what that is!"  Obama yelled and pointed.  Just then:

"BONK!!!"  went the coconut right on his head.  Someone laughed at Obamas misfortune, probably some jerkoff, and a secret officer for the NBA immediately shot him dead on sight (it was a tranquilizer dart).

Then the coconut did something unexpected:  it rolled into a bush nearby.  Obama quickly rummaged through the bush and produced the coconut.  He said, then:  "Take this, you stupid coconut!"  and kicked it up back inot he tree.

Then the press conference resumed.  He started saying stuff about the economy again and all of sudden a COCONUT fell on his head!

NOT THIS AGAIN!!!!  He said.  Then his pants fell off.  The end.  PS who u votin for?


Anonymous said...

yo sareg, great comment, keep it comin

Anonymous said...

hell ya sarge u da best