Sunday, January 27, 2013

Disable you to the TRASH BIN!!!

Sarge here.  Just got in from a new war that I started - did I tell you that I'm in the army (some put it like, sarge IS a G.D. army himself!)  I'm winning the war because of sheer might.

Anyway, during this war, I had a lot of time to sit and think, while I was running through the jungle with machine gun, killing people with machine gun.  You wouldn't know that I was thinking about deep thoughts for my next blog post, because my face was smeared with blood and tire-oil and I was screaming at the top of my lungs and shooting everybody, but I did.

One of those thoughts was "man I wonder if I can disable a guy to the trash bin".  I was thinking like with a reverse / left hand elbow Throroughbread clap, I could probably remove his will to life.  Then, when he's not looking, I pull out a revolver from my back pocket, put a pillow over his face and say 'goodbay, asshole.' and pull the trigger.  His head explodes into guts and I'm like "damn!  lost another one!"

some men worship me in solace

So the question is how to DISABLE a man to the trash bin, not just dumb his corpse there.  Speaking of which, I really gotta clear out all the corpses from my lawn.  I think theres like 3 of them there stankin' up da Joint!!

If you have any feedback/critique on how to disable a man preferbaly to the trashbin/recycling foundry, just let me know.

PS.  in the war im fighting gangs of evil thugs.  one of them looked like saddam husseins moustache after I was done with him.  I took a gun and went bang bang bang bang bang and at first he deflected ALL fire with some kind of proton shield.  Her'es the dialog that took place:

SARGE:  Proton shield?  What is this cruel dichotomy?

SADDAM:  I, Saddam Hussein, am from the future.  In the future, everyone has proton shield (he sounds like a Russian accent guy)

SARGE:  No way!  I've been to the future and only alien criminal have Proton shield in the future!!

SANDDAM:  Damn you found me!  Well no matter, u'll be dead soon from this Bank Buster Bomb!! *heaves a BBB at my forehead*

SARGE: No!   *swirls my cape around in a circle to create a vortext, which sucks BBB into hell.*

SANDMA:  Damit!

SARGE:  Hey Saram hussein, guess what?  In the future, Gauss rifles go THROUGH proton shits!

SADDAMN:  no god damn way is that true

SARGE:  Yeah it does, *whips out a gauss*

SADDANM:  fuck!

SARGE:  Goodbye, asshole *pulls revolver from my back pocket, pillow over face, goodbey asshole*  Saddamn is Dead.

CROWD OF GENTLEMEN:  Yay sarge, don't worry sarge you're our best friend!  It's ON THE HOUSE!  ON THE ROCKS!!!! :)  just then all of the men smile and hug me but I walk off into the sunset because they were mean to me before and I havent forgotten.  O just one more thing, remember that crowd of gentlemen?  Well guess what gents, see that huge bomb you're sitting on?  I put that there and if i press this button, you all die.  so don't CROSS me!!!

(this picture not of sarge just a nice picture i found) (smile a day keeps the doctor away lol)

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