Monday, April 8, 2013

Top 100,1 Funniest Jokes!

Guys I don't have time, I am in a whole new kind of war, where man is pitted against man in a brutal war for dominance in a medieval style.

pfft you gotta be kidin me get the hell out of 
here with your crap ass joke.

Here are the jokes, use them for your purposes!

JOKE ONE - This is a new joke that I created.  Requires 2 participants for perfect execution.  GO!

Person 1:  Hey there, do you know any good Baseball puns?

Person 2:  Yes.  Batman got punched in the face by a badguy and his butthole closed up forever.

JOKE TWO - a good joke for parties

Me:  I should change my name to "Fuck" so whenever someone says "yo, Fuck!"  I can turn around and be like "you called?" Or possibly "no I wont marry you

JOKE THREE - ultimate joke

Man 1:  pulls out a rocket saw and kills man 2

Man 2:  Did you really think that would work?  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Your nightmare... has only ... just BEGUN!!!

JOKE FOUR - Coops joke.

Cop 1:  Alright fellar you're under errest get in the jail RIGHT NOW!!!

Robber:  But sir, I didnt do anything.  You got the wrong guy!

Cop 1:  No.  Cop 1 always gets his man.

JOKE FIVE - Le French jokee (this one is kind of racist sorry)

French Man:  Hey u guys got any bread or french fries???

Clown:  No

Barber:  no

Rabbeye:  No, but I do have some of these Jewish bread!!!

JOKE SIX:  Final Joke - tell this joke to a man while he is on his deathbed.

Barnacle Bill:  Son, i want you to have my fortune when I die.

Barnacle Bill Jr.:  Don't say that dad!  But also ok cool thanks, can I dumb your fortune into the sea as a sign of disrespect?

Barnacle Bill:  OK.  But don't let your mother find out I spent all the fortune on wine and cheese before I died, She HATES cheese!

Barnable Bill Jr:  (this is the funny part)  Holy Shit!

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